[Article] 50-Year Evolution of James Bond’s Most Iconic Cars [Video]

Over the past 50 years, we’ve seen six different actors, featured in 24 films, play the leading role of James Bond. From the flashy gadgets to his swanky suits, 007 sure knows how to impress. But there’s something we think Bond loves even more than the women: his cars.

It might feel like Bond has always driven the Aston Martin DB10, but Auto Insurance Center reminds us that there have been a ton of prominent Bondmobiles from Dr. No all the way up to the latest film Spectre.

Check out this two-minute animated video that showcases the evolution of James Bond’s hottest rides from 1962 to present.

This video made us curious: What’s your favorite Bond car?

Enjoy the release of Spectre on November 6, 2015.


  • Original article published 11/11/15 in Pixable.com
  • 90+ social shares.



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