[Article] DIY gallery wall for under $40



Whether or not gallery walls are still trending, they are a great way to express your personality, and with just a little bit of creativity and frugality, you can put together a simple wall of goodies for less than $40.

Here’s how I created mine:

Clock & State Plaque – $10

The simple white clock set me back $3.99, and the Florida state plaque, just $2.99, both from Walmart. I coated the wooden plaque twice with 99 cents yellow paint. A set of sawtooth picture hangers were then super glued to the back for hanging – $2.00. Of course you can incorporate your home state or country here.

Canvas Art – $21

Look out for canvas specials at your local art supply store. Michaels ran a buy one, get one deal that allowed me to mix-and-match different size canvas for approx. $10.00.

To create the zig-zag effect on the medium-size canvas, a shelf liner was used. You can find adhesive liners at places like Lowes, Walmart, Target, or any local craft store for as cheap as $5.00. Have fun with this part; choose any print or pattern that suits your style. Once you’ve selected your design, cut a sheet of liner to fit your canvas and apply the adhesive (sticky) side to the front. Don’t forget to fold the corners in nicely. You can also use tape or staples to secure the liner to the back of the canvas. The gold Dachshund on the large canvas was painted free-hand using Martha Stewart gold metallic paint for $1.99.

The small canvas with the saying, “Don’t forget where you came from but never lose sight of where you are going,” was my only cheat piece. It cost me all of 3.99 from Marshalls. You can mix in any cheat piece(s) of your choice that you think works best with your color scheme.

Framed Art Work – $5

The two identical white frames were picked up at a thrift shop for just $4.00; the old artwork was replaced with the new. Using 99 cents grey paint and the leftover metallic gold paint, I whipped up one basic design for the first frame and incorporated a touch of Harry Potter with the “always” saying for the second. I scouted Pinterest for ideas.


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